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We are a small family operated company located  in Troy, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide diabetics, people on blood thinners or that have thin skin, with the highest quality bruise stoppers / arm protector sleeves for thin skin available today. We make sure everything that we sale is manufactured from top grade materials and has been tested for both comfort and durability. If you have any questions about our products or need more information please use our contact form to reach us and you will receive a reply ASAP

We now have five different sizes of our arm protector sleeves. Now you will need to be contemplating why we manufacture these protectors for arms only. Very well, this is so due to the fact arm is the body part which ordinarily gets  bruises and scratches when undertaking everyday chores. We've been properly knowledgeable about the indisputable fact that elderly  men and women ordinarily get bruises as a consequence of their thin skin and weak blood capillaries that can burst even with a light impact.

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Our bruise guards are principally made up of high tech material and that is essentially a tube of  stretchy spandex like cloth covered with a breathable padding for maximum  arm protection for you. You can buy our unique BruiseGuards in several measurements to get the most comfortable fit possible. We've been also giving absolutely free rapid shipping and delivery. So, why hold off buy these bruiseguards and give complete protection to your arms.

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Bruiseguards.com is the primary supplier of BruiseGuards arm protection. Our bruise guards are excessively effective in stopping bruises also as in healing your existing bruises. These guards are breathable, padded and very comfy as wellas machine washable. We make bruise guards from most up-to-date high tech cloth that is light in weight and breathable so they can be worn all year long. To discover more about bruise guards and their benefits, watch out this exceptional video or click at http://www.bruiseguards.com/.