Diabetics and People Taking Blood Thinners Experiance a Higher Risk of Bruising

Bruises formed out of daily bumps and minor injuries can usually be painful and unsightly, and because of this you all want to know about how to get rid of bruises quick as well as prevent them from returning. Adopting treatment for the bruise can be helpful in enhancing the appearance and to get rid from pain of a bruise. Bruises occur when the blood vessels called as capillaries get ruptured and releases blood within the skin’s tissue. Initially a bruise will appear into blue color and as the blood gets absorbed by the skin’s tissue, it started to fade away and get turned into brown, yellow and then get back to a normal skin color. There are available some of the natural treatments that are effective in eliminating those bruises.  

Bruise Stoppers are Flexible, Breathable and Padded Guards

Bruises are occurred usually when hard force is placed on the skin to break the blood vessels underneath. Some of the instances in which this occurred are: by falling, by being gripped too tightly, by being struck or by hitting into something. If you come across any of this condition, then it’s advisable to apply an ice pack in order to treat any injury that might result into bruise. Some vitamins, foods and herbs are also effective in treating the bruises. However, bruises are very normal but in some people they are formed without any reason. Old age people and people suffering from medical condition such as diabetes, eczema and cellulitis are at the higher risk of bruises. When person become, he began to bruise even with single scratch or soft hit. This is so because when person grows or become old, his/her blood vessels gets weak and get ruptured as soon as it gets hit.Thin Skin, Blood Thinners and Arm Protection. It is very important to make sure that you don't get injured or hurt when you're taking medication like blood thinners. When your blood is thin you have a much harder time healing if you cut or bruise yourself. A blood thinner is a kind of drug called a anticoagulant. Blood thinners work well when they're used correctly but your blood clots very slowly so if you get a cut it can continue to bleed for a long period of time. When people get older their skin becomes more fragile and they lose the layer of fat that lies underneath the skin this layer is what protect them from bumps ,bruises and cuts when they were younger. If you're on a blood thinner like aspirin Coumadin or Plavix, which are commonly used to prevent strokes and heart attacks in older patients you are at a even higher risk of easy bruising as well as getting infections from cuts. Other medicines that can cause thinning of the skin is prednisone and cortisone steroids. A lifetime of too much exposure to the sun can cause thin skin in the elderly as well. Once your skin becomes thin it becomes much easier to tear or bruise and if you have medical conditions like diabetes or psoriasis these tears can take much longer to heal and put you at a much higher risk serious infections. There are many different things that you can do to stay safe and protect your arms when you are on blood thinners or have thin skin.     

Although, bruise can be formed anywhere  but the most common body part for bruise is arm. People usually get bruise on arms while doing everyday tasks. Therefore we have introduced bruise guards which are actually forearm protectors made to protect your arms from bruises. These are suitable arm protectors both for wearing inside a home as well asout in the yard or garden. bruise guards are not like a sock which you  wear on arm, instead they are padded, breathable and comfortable arm guard that are light in weight . One of the best sources to buy these bruise guards is http://www.bruisestoppers.com/about.html.